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3D Animation
title: From A Distant Land

One liner-
Lost in a land unknown, survival is the key to finding its way home.

Blurb -
A creature of magic and wonder awakens in a world of science and industry. Out of time and out of place, in a world unknown. To survive it must get home. But the selfish obsession of an old man’s dwindling ambitions and pride set to make sure it will never be free. A race against time, with every second another obstacle seems to be set in motion to hinder its freedom, how can magic survive when the world has become so cold.

Story Synopsis -
Night has fallen, and a dull light emits from a fireplace within a room. All seems still and lifeless, except the man of the world. Slumped in his evening chair with nothing but trinkets and dusty memories within tomes to keep him company, or so it seems.
From a box on the desk, a rustle of movement is heard. Perhaps it’s one of the many trinkets in the room and nothing more; another dusty relic from a forgotten land. No, not this relic. This so called ‘trinket’ is very much alive. Mistaken for a piece of history, it is very much conscious within this reality.
Unaware of its own location, the creature awakens. Startled by its surroundings, it leaps from its pine box home. Escape is seen as a haze of light from over the distance; a half-opened window wide enough to make its escape. It takes one step. Then it takes another, and another. Freedom is within its reach.
Then, like a sharp chill down its neck, a clap of metal is heard. It quickly it makes for the window. The shadow draws near, a hulk of a man getting close and closer. The relic stumbles up a pile of books to the window. It leaps to freedom without a second thought and into this unknown and distant land.

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November 21, 2012
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